This is a very important question for many in this present time. For some, it is a responsible job that makes one a responsible person. That is the reason why we see so many say in a loud voice “i need a responsible job”, while for others, it depends on the subject or the person in question. It is visible that most people have made classification of jobs so they choose which job to take even if they have a million oppurtunity to be offered other jobs. But the big question here is, are there responsible jobs than others? Because we must confess, it is really confusing in our modern world. Could it be that the quest for the responsible job be the primary reason for the unemployment our world is facing today? Let us go deeper.

Responsibility can simply be understood from the word “response” which means that it is an engagement to responde to one’s actions or obligation, in other words, becoming a garantor to something. The search for a responsible job could really denote that one is willing to responsible responsible, because there are obligations that need to be responded to ; such as “bills to be paid” that need a garantor. This human preoccupation is normal and should be encouraged. But what if one does not get responsible job desired, what is to be done ? Sit and watch? What makes one responsible, job or the person’s engagement ?

If one does not secure the responsible job desired, idleness is not the solution. Accepting the present job available is encouraged. You can be responsible in your little ways. The funny thing is that you could still have the you earn alot yet will not be responsible enough to respond to your essential needs.

Please let’s here your position on this. Your can like and share.

By coleuniversal

Am a student. Studying philosophy.

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