Family violence

Violence can be seen as the process of applying an illegitimate force on someone. This could be either from a superior body or from an inferior one. Most times, violence can destroy because it is applied with an intense force. And on the other hand, family is a small unit of persons in the society formed by those from the same linage or even from the same house. This definition might have other variable extensions. Altogether, family violence can simply be defined as applying an illegitimate force on one who lives in the same house or from the same linage.

Causes of family violence

We have many causes of family violence due to the different types of society, we would like to enumerate just but few:
Lack of understanding; if understanding could help in solving multiple problems, lack of understanding will obviously generate problems because it creates space for different opinions and if not humbly welcomed by the other partner, an illegitimate force may be applied which does not give a good look to a family.
Absence of kind words; the frequent use of insulting and harsh words is so terrible that it could cause a lot of pain. So many these days do not care about the kind of words they use to address to a member of the family.
Duty failure; this particular aspect could be extended to any of the members in the family: parents not equal to the task of training their kids to be disciplined and children not embracing to their duty of respect to parents.
Infidelity; now this is common among couples, this point alone, given its gravity, can cause enmity in the family for a very long period.
Influence of bad friends or peers; most times people from the society tend to tell you how to keep your family, in a way the might not please the other members of the family, this could cause clash.
Access to weapons; now this is very serious, if access to a weapon meant for a purpose of self-defense is so easy, one could be tempted to make usage of it anytime depressed.

Consequences of family violence

It is quite unfortunate that most of the actions carried out have their repercussions and the family violence here is not an exception. Below, we are going to list some of the consequences of the violence in the family.
Staying out late; a member of the family would not always want to witness the conflicts going on in the house, he would rather prefer to leave home as early as possible and come back late at night. He now finds peace and love outside and war in his family, this is not good at all!
Addiction; a family member who has experienced a form of violence could indulge in one or various forms of addiction (drug, alcohol, cyber and so on and so forth), all in the name of trying to forget the past.
Could affect the society at large; remember! The family is a small unit in the society, so having multiple family violence could lead to societal violence. One who applies this illegitimate force on another in the small family unit or lives in it will find it easy and pleasing to extend it to the society at large.

Violence in the family is not a good thing i must say. Together, we can put an end to it or even still reduce its rate in the society. But the question here is how does one make this work? To eradicate this, it determines lots of efforts. First, to the one who endures this, there is need to openness. There is no need to keep it to yourself; you could open up to a friend who is willing to help you out, table the issue to elders. Secondly, the one who causes the violence can see the psychologist for help.

The family is a precious unit let’s say no to violence in our homes.

The debate is open you can drop your comments too.

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