Babies don’t just stand and walk: learn, practice and master.

We all wish to stand on our feets someday, to be successful in many aspects of life: morally, physically, financially, etc. Our dream is that we become great someday. Hence we engage ourselves by doing something great. We struggle; we work hard, day and night, sacrificing our time, resources and strength just to ensure that things work well. We sometimes prefer not to eat just to ensure that our businesses grow better.

Despite all the efforts made, all might seem abortive. It’s at this point in time that we begin to ask ourselves, what is the need to continue? The heart begins to feel deserted and all hope is almost gone. And inner voices begin to take the lead ‘I think i will let go, there is no need for all these. I will just live a neutral life’. Please don’t just jump into conclusion. Have you forgotten the saying ‘slow and steady wins the race’?

I know you have really struggled but you need to keep pushing. Don’t be tensed, don’t be pressured. It is important to know one thing, ‘birds don’t just fly, they fall down and get up’ says Shakira in her song ‘Try everything’. Excluding the fact that birds naturally are meant to fly, but they still need to learn, practice and master how to fly. Just look at your past, you have come a long way, you have worked hard, cheer up, take a deep breath, know that babies don’t just stand and work, they always fall, but they keep on trying. They will always look for ways to walk. They may fall time without number, but they try everything possible. They lean on a chair, they look for support and sometimes they even cry for help. It is always okay to ask for help when you are down.

So you see, life is also a gradual process. There is no need to quit your hard work or your efforts. It is important to try everything possible. While trying our best, humility is also worth trying. Babies don’t just walk, it is a process. If one needs to succeed, the following character are needed; Hard work, discipline, determination, perseverance and do not forget humility and patience.

By coleuniversal

Am a student. Studying philosophy.

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